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W & D Continental Travels

Ratified by National Tourism Administration, W & D Continental Travels is a qualified tour operator to run the business mainly for overseas tourists rting slim4vit farmacia travelling in China and Chinese inbound travel.

As a leading online tour operator, W & D Continental Travels always strives for success and innovation. Relying on rich professional experience, leading network technology, and the advanced people-oriented managing concept, it is devoted to creating the best electronic commerce platform for tourists. We offer global as well as business travelers not only comprehensive  information on China tourism but also tour, air ticket and train ticket booking service. Airport transfer service is available now, and in the future we will press ahead with the development of more new services.

The headquarters is in China. For the detailed contact info, see Contact Us.

Awards and Patents

W & D Continental Travels is a member of ASTA (American Society of Travel Agents), the world’s largest association of travel professionals, and a member of the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) which is the leading voice and authority on Asia Pacific tourism industry. See the details of our membership on PATA website at: http://www.patamanager.org/Members/2040

We are also a member of CATS (China Association of Travel Services) which is a national tourism industry association. We have been acknowledged by the local authorities and won lots of awards in successive years.
 A Recommendation Letter from
W & D Continental Travels
Our website, has been recommended as one of the top brands by TripAdvisor (the largest website providing reviews on travel-related topics), for successively winning its Certificate of Excellence for several years.

  • Member of China Association of Travel Services
  • Member of Pacific Asia Travel Association
  • Member of American rting slim4vit farmacia Society of Travel Agents
  • ‘Advanced Unit’ Issued by Xi’an Tourism Bureau, 2011
  • One of Top Ten Travel Services in Shaanxi Province
  • ‘Advanced Unit’ Issued by Xi’an Tourism Bureau, 2008
  • 2018 Winner of TA’s Certificate of Excellence
  • 2017 Winner of TA’s Certificate of Excellence
  • TA’s Hall of Fame Award for Winners from 2011 to 2015
  • 2015 Winner of TA’s Certificate of Excellence
  • 2014 Winner of TA’s Certificate of Excellence
  • 2013 Winner of TA’s Certificate of Excellence
  • 2012 Winner of TA’s Certificate of Excellence
  • 2011 Winner of TA’s Certificate of Excellence

W & D Continental Travels

Our tour operator with clients
at the front desk of the company

With the monthly unique visits about 3,000,000, the website , which was set up in 1998, has been the famous brand of 
W & D Continental Travels . The site has always been highly recommended by authoritative world media such as Time (web-version), Chicago Sun-Times, the New York Times, USA Today, Seattle Times, National Geographic, Toronto Sun, CCTV-4, World Heritage, as well as a multitude of well-known overseas universities, Chinese embassies and consulates stationed abroad. With decades given to the creation and cultivation of the best window of China, W & D Continental Travels has become the largest and leading English language website in China offering travelers the most informative source for travel, dinning, accommodation, transportation, touring, shopping and entertainment.

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The website has a professional editorial team to ensure originality. Except as otherwise indicated, W & D Continental Travels is the owner of the copyright of all contents (text, images, graphics, animation, audio, video) contained herein. Copying or quoting any part of this website without permission is NOT allowed. If you wish to use or license any material on this site, please contact us. We assure you that we will never disclose any of your registration information and other personal details to a third party without your express permission.

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Nothing is more symbolic of China than the dragon. The lifelike soaring dragon, together with its background of curving tiled eaves, the unique feature of ancient Chinese architecture, form part of our logo displaying Chinese characteristics, which express these criteria:

 We are always engaged in offering the most characteristic Chinese tours to our clients.

 The spirit of the Chinese dragon symbolizes the style and feature of our corporate spirit – United, Creative and Strenuous.

Corporate Culture


2009 Spring Outing
to Zhaoling Mausoleum near Xi’an

We believe in trust as trust is the precondition of cooperation. We always set up ineradicable trust with our honored clients and our enthusiastic staff. Where there is trust there is efficiency coupled with a high-quality service.

Appreciation is the plaudit for consideration and service which brings respect and confidence. We appreciate each of the excellent and hardworking staff at all times to encourage and create an active, energetic and aggressive group, providing chances for them to show their self-pride, capability and a desire for excellence.

One man, no man! Success lies in the strength of the team. We own an excellent China travel agency believing in the power of teamwork, and always creates a harmonious working environment for their team members by encouraging communication and cooperation at all times.

The company always shares weal and woe with its entire staff, partaking in each other’s joys and sorrows. Ever seeking self-improvement, we share our professional knowledge, technique and working experience to promote common development and progress; Let clients win together with us, let staff grow up with us, we also share all that we gain for the benefit of our elite group.

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How to Identify a Real Leading China Tour Operator?

What We Do

Mission & Goal

Service is the first, flexibility being a must, and value being the best. Taking this idea as our vision and target, we always set goals for offering the service of the highest quality to travelers from all over the world; making ours the best known brand of inbound operator in a healthy and well-ordered tourist environment; providing the perfect products with a top class international service.

Our group in Forbidden City, Beijing

Business Scope

China Group Tour

The most economical way is to join in a small group. With a perfect combination of quality service, more flexibility and lower price, TravelChinaGuide offers you multiple selective group itineraries. In our small group, you can meet many new friends from all over the world benefiting from interaction and communication with each other.

Private China Tour

With well-chosen hotels, superior restaurants and the most courteous service, TravelChinaGuide provides optional private tours with the most fulfilling itineraries including visits to Beijing, Xi’an, Guilin, and Shanghai, Tibet, Yangtze River Cruise or other unique Chinese cities. You can have your trip specially tailored to your heart’s desire, thereby gaining a greater degree of individual attention that will ensure maximum flexibility and comfort.

Please see our China Tours for details.

Train Ticket Booking

Our clients with our consultant

We now offer on-line train tickets booking service. Currently, we could help you to book the tickets of trains departing from more than 300 major cities. We book train tickets for more than 50,000 guests yearly. Up-to-date train schedule and train knowledge are also available.